In the end, our questions are very simple “Did we live fully?” “Did I love well?” “Did I work according to my wish?”

I am just like you all. I am not different. Just like you, I am also human and person who has ups and downs, sadness and joys etc. So no need to worry. Just sit back, relax and read it.

Please, it’s a request, do not worry what is going to happen in tomorrow because it is future which you can’t control. Don’t think what went wrong yesterday because it is gone, you can not go back and change it. Just learn from your mistakes and promise that you will not do it again. What is most important is today. What you do today is what it really matters. The work you are going to do today is going to affect you in future. One should live in present and should live it fully. Today is not going to repeat itself. It is going to become just like any other yesterday. It is you who can make it special. ONLY YOU. No fairy, god or any one can make your today a successful today other than you. You have that power to control your life. So please live fully, with passion and be happy..



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