Good Times Comes In Everyones Life: A short story


Once upon a time, there was a girl named Priya around which the entire story revolves. She was a school going girl. She lived like she was living in a ‘Land of Angels’. She was far away from cruel and challenging world. She always remained happy. Her father and mother also used to love her a lot.

In seventh class she changed her school as her father got transferred. There she found a friend ‘Riya’ in the school bus. They both became best friends. Their whole year went away nicely but as the final exams approached they started studying even in the bus in order to obtain good marks. Priya was a little short-tempered girl. As she had a little tension for her studies, one day she said to Riya “Can’t you see I am reading. Keep quiet and do not disturb me ever. I don’t know why you are talking so much” as Riya was talking continuously. But Riya became hurt with her words and in one go she broke their friendship for forever. Priya tried her best to make up with her and became a friend with her but she didn’t want to become friends with her again.

At last Priya passed out her seventh class. She went to eighth class. There also her good friends ditched her. She used to think that they were her best friends but they weren’t. They left her alone for new friends. She became really depressed as she was alone and there was no one with whom she could talk. She never went with such a bad situation in her whole life and was really sad.

But as we know that bad days never last longer. A new girl came in her school bus. Her name was ‘Saumya’. On the first day she sat with Priya. She was the one who changed her life. Saumya was a really good and helpful one who used to spread happiness in everyone’s life with her talks. They both started becoming good friends. Priya used to wait to go in the school bus just to meet her as she used to be alone in the class. They spent their break time with each other. They both gained trust of each other and started sharing secrets with each other. They both became like sisters. All the classes used to praise their friendship and wanted a good friend like them. Priya became a joyful and cheerful girl again.

A true friend is the one who sees the pain in you eyes while everyone believes you smile..


She now knew how to identify her good friends and whom she should not talk. She became friendly with all other classmates and made new friends. Both Saumya and Priya became best friends and rather best sisters and never broke their relation even in worst situation.

Priya learnt from her experience that a real friend is a one who understands you and helps you in bad situations but not the one who leaves you when you need them the most. She also learnt that no winter lasts forever and no spring skips its turn…



Is Priya able to succeed or will she fail in her goal..? A short story ->

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28 thoughts on “Good Times Comes In Everyones Life: A short story

  1. It’s good yar……
    U really done a great job……
    Keep happy……
    Nd spread smile everywhere…..
    God bless u….
    All the very best for ur future…..


    1. I am sure you will have same ending.. Don’t loose hope. If its is bad then it is not the end.. Good times always comes in every one’s life.. It just needs you to appreciate it.. Cheer up.. Everything will be good.. Everything happens for good.. Love you.. Hugs..

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      1. Thank you. It seems to be happening. (knock on wood) We all need to start corresponding again. There is kind of a silent crisis going on, and the crisis is the silence. It made us more vulnerable to psychological abuse, especially in the loneliness, people got more negative, and exposed to the negative. So hope people listen to me about that. Too much unhappiness, all the while doing my best to share the knowledge of how to love. ❤

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  2. This is a really good story. Winters do turn to spring again. I like the point that the second best friend changed her life. Simetimes we must wait for the season when the catalyst comes to change everything. God has the timing and knows the catalyst.


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