Gift Vs Memories

“Shelly didi, Do you remember that mom and dad’s anniversary is coming? We have to do something for them” my sister,Anaya said to me.

I thought, how could I even forget it. I have thinking about it lately and wanted to make it special for them but nothing great idea was coming up. I even asked about it from my friends just to grab an idea that I could use, but nothing nice came up. So at last, I decided I would just turn up at shop and buy the gift.

Before going to tuition, I went to my cupboard and grabbed my purse in which I kept my saving money. It was quite a difficult job as my mom was roaming around and was suspicious that exactly what was I doing. I went to the shop and ended up buying mug for them. Mug was very beautiful  and with the right message I wanted to conveyed. It was yellow in colour with beautiful flowers on it. It read ” Its time to relive each moment spent together.. Dreams, you both shared when you married. Love you…”

Stock Photo
Gift for my lovely parents

At night, I kept it in their room and went to sleep. While waking in morning, I asked, ” Did you both received your gift.” They both affirmed to it. I then enthusiastically asked,” How was it. Did you liked it?” Mom replied,” It was quite good . We both liked it. Thank you for the gift.” My sister gave them a card and I thought that it was lovely and beautiful.

Then in the evening I bought them a cake and chocolates. We went for dinner afterwards. The day was good but I couldn’t find that smile on their face which I wanted to be there.


In the night, I showed them a collage of family photo that I had made on my dad’s phone. Mainly the pictures were of my parents only. When I showed it to them I hadn’t expected that reaction. They were so happy seeing it and brought a smile on their face that I was aiming for from so much time. A smile that money could not buy but just a small picture which didn’t use money neither much time could bring. Happiness that could not be bought with money. They were eagerly showing it to everyone and were really happy.

So in the end my mission was accomplished and I learnt a lesson too. Money can not buy happiness and everything life has to offer. We need money just for buying main essentials. It is not at all good by running behind money. All materialistic things will remain on earth but only the happiness you have and happiness spread will be remembered . You will be remembered for your work and not for you money. It is good to achieve success but just see what are you exchanging it for and is it worthy to lose it behind. Is it worthy to lose family , friends, happiness.

“FAMILY – Where LIFE begins and LOVE never ends…..” 🙂




3 thoughts on “Gift Vs Memories

  1. What a beautiful post.I love the fact that you view happiness in a deep way and not based on material things. You are absolutely right that money can make happiness conducive but real happiness that lasts is another thing.Material gifts can be tossed, forgotten or even lost, but the happy memories cannot.

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