A Thought While Going

Have you ever thought what you are doing right now is what you will want to do if you knew that it was your last day? Would you like to live the way you are living your life right now including all situations that are present right now?

That was my thought when I was leaving the city where I had lived for whole 5 years. Oops, sorry, I forgot to introduce my self. I am Valentina.

Everyone at some point of life wishes to go back to change the way they acted. They wish they only need one chance to go back so that they can change the way they behaved or could change a decision or on last day wish to go back to enjoy what they left behind. Same happened with me.


I used to travel with bus to and fro from high school. There I generally read novels or studied school books or saw outside. I sat with my friends who were lovely, funny, told every detail of their life whether sad or happy and had lots of love for each other which they used to show too. Oh! Am gonna miss them a lot. I don’t know but I did not normally used to speak with them a lot and enjoy with them. It was fault on their side or mine, I have no idea. But it was what it was. This is just an instance. I did not live my life like I wanted to, liked I wished to.


But on the day, I told them I was going away from them, they became sad. They told me to meet with them for the last time. Started showing affection towards me, caring for me more suddenly when I told them it was my last days. I too had the same feeling at some extent.

There was one friend who lived near me and was in my school too. I tried to ask her to play and come meet me but she didn’t come. When she knew this was the last week, she came daily, played badminton, talked and enjoyed a lot. It is not that I enjoyed my last days. Actually they were one of the best days of my life. I will always remember them.

But just think if I and they would have behaved like this from before, what are lives would have looked like. Everyday would have been one of the most special day of life. It would have been like heaven. But it did not happen.

This is merely an instance. There are many other situations like this that are happening and may happen in someone’s life at some point of time.

So live your life fully. Live like you want. Live it like it’s your last day. No one knows what is going to happen in upcoming future. Why to live in regret then? Why not live like you wish to? If you did not took your life’s string in your life in your hand someone else is going to take yours and use it for their own wish. And living in regret is worst. When you have grown old, reminiscing your earlier time, you should not regret what decision you took or else it going to kill you. You will keep thinking, “Kaash, maine uss samay apne man ki sun kar kaam kiya hota” (May, I had taken the decision I had wanted to take at that time). Even why to grow old, you can reminisce your memories at any point of time.

So in the end, live you life fully like you want to…

As after all it is your life…

But this doesn’t mean to leave your duty…

Or do things that may harm others…

This is what I learnt from it…

And this is what I expect from you..

Enjoy you life…



16 thoughts on “A Thought While Going

  1. I agree with what you have said, Living your life the way you want is very important. I am now retired and finally getting a chance to live life to the fullest. Sometimes the routine of daily living, work, family, household duties get in the way… Whatever happens in your future… I advise you to pay attention.. don’t let routine bury your dream.

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  2. Carpe Diem. Seize the day. I completely agree with your post. In my ICU rotation at my hospital, death is pretty commonplace, so it’s humbling to know that we get to live everyday. Just the fact that we are alive is such a sacred thing! I’m glad you get it, and I hope you continue to live your life fully.

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  3. I so agree with you! A beautiful read! Live you life to the fullest because it’s not about how much we live, it’s how we live! I’m happy I’ve met someone who’s on the same mission I’m. Finally found someone with similar thoughts of mine! 🙂

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