Was It Worth It?

This is a work of fiction. Any resemblance with real life people is coincidental.

A good friend is difficult to find, hard to lose and impossible to forget…

He’s the sweetest, most kindest guy I know. He’s my best friend…

Time was ticking slowly on the clock while I was staring outside the window of my room. I occasionally saw the screen of the mobile and search for any messages that would come for me. All messages came except the one I was waiting for. My blood had started gradually boiling up with anger towards my best friend ‘Edward ’. It was like two weeks that our high school had ended. We used to talk daily in school as well as at home too through social media sites. Nothing was kept secret between us.

I still remember how we met the first time. I was walking in the market alone to buy some things when out of the blue a bike came up. It was just going to hit me, when suddenly I was thrown to other side by some person. When I tried to open my eyes I saw a handsome boy with golden eyes and fair complexion. He must be around 5’8 in height and wore t-shirt with royal blue jeans.

He asked me “Are you alright? Did you get hurt anywhere?”

“Ya, I fine. I am not hurt anywhere. Thank you for saving me” I replied gratefully.

The one who was going to hit me instead of feeling apologetic said “Are you fine, silly girl? If you are not we will give you bandage and medicine.” And he started laughing along with his friends. They all thought it was a joke and something to laugh about.

The boy confronted them and spoke in such a calm manner that it was looking more dangerous than speaking loudly with anger “You all better back off. Have you not been taught some manners? Is this the way one behaves with a girl. Oh! You all are liability to mankind. Say sorry to her right now or else you will be very sorry.”

I don’t know till now what they saw in his eye but it brought them back to their senses, apologized to me and fled from the scene. It may be the way he spoke with such fierceness.

The boy who saved me left the scene without looking back. He just came, saved me and went away. I didn’t know anything about him at that point of time.

After two weeks, I went to school for new session for class 10. I was just entering my class when I saw the same boy who had saved me from the bike and all the memories of that day flashed back in my mind. He must be new admission in school as he wasn’t there before.

He got up from the seat and came to her and said “Hii! We didn’t introduce to each other that day. I am Edward.” He extended his hand forward for friendship and I took it.

I replied “I am Shreya. Nice to meet you. Thanks a lot for that day.”

He replied “It was nothing…” while running his hand through his hair.

“Why had you walked away after taking me out of trouble without letting me say ‘Thank you’ and without your introduction” I asked

“I never thought I would meet you again nor had any hope of interaction in future with this beautiful girl so I left the scene. And there is no reason for you to thank me. If you want to do something then just help three other people and ask them to do the same. Also ask them to forward the message to the person they helped and giving them instruction to do the same. See how big a circle will form” he winked.

That was our first conversation in our school. Gradually we became great friends. He had a very good demeanour, talked politely with everyone, understood everyone, and was good-looking too.


One day when he had helped me in my assignment, he said “Are you gay now?”

I replied “You just helped me in my assignment. How did I become a gay from a girl? Huh?”

He started laughing hearing my reply “Oh! Why does your mind go there, my dear friend? I meant happy by gay. Are you happy now?”

 We both started laughing after that.

Back in present, I again saw my phone. The thought crossed my mind – What if he had again indulged in bad habits like drinking and smoking and therefore not able to make his with mine due to guilty feeling.

I again started thinking when he had started drifting. He was spending more and more time boys which I disliked the most. They were not good. I tried a lot of time to take him out of it and make new friends but he just didn’t listen to me. One day I caught him smoking with his friends. I became angry and asked them to choose between our friendship or this smoking and friends. He just remained silent.

I then said “Your silence means that you choose this smoking. Fine. Do not talk with me in future.” And I walked away and he didn’t stop me.

I was very sad that I had lost our friendship.

In the evening, he came to apologise to me and promised “I will not indulge in these bad habits. Just, be my friend again.”

I was more than happy to get my best friend back. He made me promised too that I should never talk about breaking our friendship.

Back in present, I was worried that he neither messaged me not called me back. What if he is in trouble? Is he all right? What is the reason behind his absence? Or was he not going to maintain this friendship as now we are going to be in Different School, new friends, new environment etc.

I had become quite angry was going to message him angrily. How could he do this with me. I am worrying about him and he can’t send a single message. My instincts were saying something wrong was there but if it was the truth he could have told me. I then decided what will happen even if I message him or become angry with him. He will message whenever he wants too. Anger can just destroy things, so it’s better to wait.

After two – three days, the message at last came. I was very happy that at last he messaged back. After having conversation with him, I got to know that his grandmother was not well so he was distressed. But he said she was now better. I just felt bad he could have shared this information with me so that i could have helped him and said to him “You could have told me about it If you ever need help I am always there for you. But it’s ok. I respect whatever decision you take.”

After that I thought if I had let taken anger taken upper hand, her friendship would have been destroyed and even if tried to redo it. It wouldn’t have been the same. It would have distressed and made him sadder.

Anger is not worth anything. It is just capable of destroying and is not at all worth it.

In friendship or any relationship to be successful, trust and respect for the other one should be there. We should not be angry and try to solve the problems while remaining calm. The solution to the problem lies within the question or problem. We just have to look for it.

We should be always there for friends whenever they need help and make them see the right path if they get distracted.

I was really happy to get a true friend like Edward… 🙂

” I am not your heart but I miss you. I am not your family but I care for you. I’m not your blood, but I’m ready to share your pain because I’m your stupid friend. 😉



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18 thoughts on “Was It Worth It?

  1. You write pretty well. I like your style of writing. But i guess not everyone is as lucky as you. Pls check out my blog and my recent post. Thanks in advance 🙂

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  2. This is such a heart-warming post…you are sensitive and kind and wise…and, I am glad to know that you went with your instincts and resisted to urge to lash out and confront “Edward”…what a relief you must have felt 🙂 He is as lucky to have you as you are to have him….friendships are invaluable gifts and do much to change everything for the better 🙂

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  3. It was a beautiful story with deep meaning of understanding friendship in the right way or actual way. Loved the story and the writer too. Looking forward to read more stories written by you.

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  4. Its is a beautiful story with deep understanding of friendship. Loved the story and the writer too. Looking forward to read more story written by you.

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    1. Thank you so much… It means a lot to me at an extent you can’t imagine.. I am really happy you read it and commented about it.. Looking forward to meet you again.. Love you too.


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