Gift of Nature..

Today, I saw something that I would wish to tell all of you.

When I was going through a street where slums are present nearby, I saw two people verbally fighting. Just to see what the commotion was all about, I went a little near to them.

And u know what I saw? I saw that they were fighting for the water. One was refusing to give tap water that was being used to water the garden and other one was pleading to give them water , the same water we waste without any thought, without knowing its importance in our life.

Decision is now yours..

He was holding cans and bucket through which he could take the water home for him and his family and I think was going to use just that small amount of water for whole day. While here who doesn’t have to go to all this hardship and get water, food and all necessary things easily just take all this for granted. I have practically seen people throwing water, wasting it and when I tell them not to do so, they just shrug and don’t pay attention.

Actually most of us do so.. Don’t we?

Its a fact that we know the real value of things when they are gone away from us or have to fight to get it. Then only we realise it importance, it value in our life..

Water is so precious in our life without which we can’t live. The case that I gave you above was just one  of the incident. The people not getting this facilities easily have to go through this daily and don’t know what all hardships.

Don’t you think it’s our duty to save water and nature? Believe me when you do something good for others or nation or Mother Earth , the happiness you get through it is at some other level..

It is well said by Mr Lester Brown, ‘We have not inherited this earth from our forefathers; we have borrowed it from our children.’


-Smile.. 🙂

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