Trust.. Never break it.

Trust is what the child feels when you thrown him up in the air and catch him and he enjoys it…

Trust. A small and simple word but holds such great meaning and importance in our life.. When u trust someone you are actually like giving away a piece of heart/ a piece of life, u can say. The things which u share, things which u tell each other, loving them for what they are, showing them are vulnerabilities and many more. You yourself know how it feels,  I believe.

Trust is an emotional and logical act. It’s uncertain. You can only Evaluate and expect things. We feel trust. It’s between friends, spouse , relationship with your parents, relatives.  It can be even between people you work with and seller and customer. It gives us comfort, companionship, relaxation, joy within us and love.

Trust is opening to someone and showing them our vulnerabilities with the hope that they won’t exploit it. Trust means giving an important piece of information of us without having full knowledge about them, their intent and their things they are offering. But trust also means being able to predict  what other people will do and what situations will occur.



But when that trust breaks. It so damn hurts. Especially by those who we love and trust the most. It’s a feeling no one wants to feel.

You can only know if the person is trustable when you once trust him.

But once the trust is broken, it like a crumbled paper which you can’t put it properly again, just like before.


People, all out there, please never break someone’s trust. If you want to tell a truth, just say it to the person. Never play with someone else feelings. You never know how much it hurt the other person and how it impacts his/her life..

You don’t know what difficulty the person has gone in his/her life. You don’t know how much strength it took to trust you.

Trust takes year to make, seconds to break and forever to repair.

So know what is trust, how you build it, how it works. But never ever break it..

Never lie and break someone’s trust and promises..




7 thoughts on “Trust.. Never break it.

  1. This is amazing. I like this because trust can be like a risk because like you said you opening your heart to someone. Please check my blog grace is You will enjoy and please like. Thanks

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      1. No problem. I hope you got the chance to read mine. My latest post is related to the turmoil going on in our world and what the signs of Jesus Christs Coming is. Please, when you get a chance, check it out. Thanks


  2. Trust is definitely a two-way street. I just finished a dissertation using social exchange theory and trust which essentially tells us that in order to keep an exchange perpetuation (whether it be love, business, or work) an mutually equal level of trust must happen or the cycle is broken. Maybe no so much forever, but it is hard to come back to since this cycle takes time to develop. Anyways…great post!

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