Last Thing Left Unchecked..


Run, its time to get up the child early in the morning, o-WAKING-UP-IN-THE-MORNING-facebook.jpg

To make food and give morning tea to in-laws,

Get to office early and do assignments

And oh! How can one forget the long list of the daily errands?


How dusty the books look right now

Badminton rackets long forgotten

The Casio still to be repaired

And, “Alas! I forgot to call my friend again.”


But there is no time to think about this  screen480x480

Tick Tock! Tick Tock! Tick!

Time is running faster than ever

And still lot of work left to complete.      


“Thank god! All things are now done and said”

It’s now time for night and rest

Need to be up early in the morning

For same routine yet again to be chase.


But my mind says to me at last “Most important thing is still forgotten”

Confused and tired, I ask my mind “What is it, my dear?”

“Ah! What a foolish question you ask me?” my mind replies,

 Of course it’s you, yourself, my dear.”

– Smile..



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