Let Go!

Do you find me so dumb
That you can’t talk straight with me?
When I look into your eyes now
There is no love and care left for me.

I was the same before and am same right now
So what has changed in this year?
The person who couldn’t find a fault in me
Used to talk late night
Would do everything and support me
Is now only complaining and making me feel unwanted?

If you had to do this why did you create hope?
Why did you love me?
I thought you would understand me
But I was so wrong.

And guess what ?
This is affecting me badly
Not at all good for me

I know I am easy to use
Easy to take advantage of
I can’t be like anyone else
Can’t tell you stories like others
Can’t make you laugh like others
And am hell as boring for some people.Experience

But I know I am capable of loving with all my heart
I know how to take care of others
Can do anything for the person I love
But I guess that’s never enough for anyone

You turned out same just like anyone else
I was wrong to attach myself to you
To make you my happiness
I was helluva wrong

So Bbye my friend my lover forever
I guess our journey was till here
Thank you for all the experiences you gave me
And love that you had for me
I will remember that always
May you get whatever you want

BBYE !!!


4 thoughts on “Let Go!

  1. Hope that you are doing well on your new journey. And have to admit, it takes a lot of love to be able to part from someone wishing them all the best. It shows maturity. To be able to respect one that hurt you and even more, hope that everything will turn out great for them, it says a lot about you! Keep going,please, as you are an inspiration. And thank you for sharing this with us!

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    1. Yes, it’s really hard to move on. Takes lots of courage but sometimes we can’t actually blame the person too. May be the person became like this due to circumstances. Who knows. So the only thing you have in control is your own life. Remove what hurts you or become an obstacle in your path and follow you dreams and passion.
      Thank you so much for visiting here. And I promise I will keep going. Again thanks for encouraging me.

      Liked by 3 people

      1. With pleasure. I feel that if we have this chance of sharing our experiences with people from anywhere in the world and we can reach souls that my feel just like us, it is extremely important to tell those that go through same things like us. I am looking forward to see what future will bring and what things you will share 🙂

        Liked by 2 people

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