Is it Ok to be you ?

It’s ok, to not be at top always
It’s ok, to be alone sometimes
It’s ok, to leave someone who is toxic
It’s ok, to be there for your own.
It’s all part of your life.
The journey
The venture
To who you are meant to be
To the person u will be proud of
And can look back to –
The struggle you had
The fun times
The happy times
The monotonous time
The time you felt like giving up
But you didn’t
You will remember
The weird activities you did with Ur friends
The embarrassing moments that still make u feel blush
The first kiss
The first making love
That skip of beat of your heart when you see your crush.
So just hold on
And know there are going to be moments
Worth living for
Worth fighting for
And worth dying for..


P.S. It’s way more than ok to be you. There is no one like you..


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