Letting Go…

Giving you up was never an option
I fought, I tried
I wept, I smiled
But guess what it’s time to say Good bye

I fought till I could
Till I had strength in me
With your faults and mine
Your behaviour and my insane inner thoughts
Your conditions and my temparement
But where did it lead us
A place called nowhere

When I saw it was losing battle
Trying to pull spring from only one end
Without any force from another
Sometimes by you
Sometimes by me
Hurting us both by never being on same page
I realized it was time to let go

Too much bad blood between us
Miscommunication, distrust
Fight and arguments
It started burning the most precious thing –
Pie of trust and patience

I hope we grow up
And introduce each other again
A new fresh start
With infinite possibilities ahead of us
I hope we meet again
I hope we see again

I hope…
I hope…


Pic Credit : http://www.quoteambition.com/

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