Giving up on myself

Hating myself every moment
People giving up on me always
Faults and feeling worthless
Is all I have right now

People go away without explanation
People close hurting the most
Leaving me started
When I did all I could

People blaming me that I change
Or I cheat, copy and have nothing on my own
Thinking, thinking, thinking about it
Makew me go mad and angry

Angry on myself for who I am
Trying to live alone when I don’t want to
Travelling different places solely
When I dont feel like

Is something wrong with me?
Till how long do I hold up?
I am crumbling here day by day
I just need a thread of hope

I used to be strong, didn’t need anyone
Felt may be in future it will be alright
Found people who I considered my own
But nonetheless they never were mine

I guess that’s how my life will be
Barren , loveless, friendless
Without bonds just working
And dying that way.

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