Being polite has become a curse
People just wanting to fill their purse
No humanity and compassion left for others
Attitude can be seen even in toddlers

Can’t differentiate between good and bad
Which just drives me mad
It’s just me who thinks like this
Or someone else too sees it as amiss

But Mahatma Ghandhi said it once
“Be the change you want to see”
Obviously the path is gonna be hard
But guess what – it brings inner peace..





19 thoughts on “Attitude

  1. No you are not the only one to see things amiss. Its a sad commentary on this world today what we observe to not only others but to ourselves. Thank you for such inspirational and thought provoking insight into yourself and the world around us. May you find joy and peace in an ever-growing environment of negativity. Be that light that shines amidst such cynical and coarse personalities. Its difficult not to see how much people are so out for themselves these days and that it’s there where the domino effect of losing compassion starts. But it does start with one person. My daughter would say “mom I just keep killing them with kindness ’till I grow on them” (ahh to be 23 and so optimistic haha!) All of Gods blessings to you!.

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  2. I also see how you see things, but also see the other side. There has to be darkness to know what is light. Always there is happy and sad. It is up to us to see both sides in life. That is how life has been planned for us 🙂

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    1. What you said is very right.. To appreciate good we sometimes have to deal with bad. But what I see now is that bad is domaintinh the good and the people who are good always suffer more. Sometimes they are even compelled to change just to show their worth, just to live a life..

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