Is Priya able to succeed or will she fail in her goal..? A short story


Priya is a 16 year old, school going girl. She has a fair complex with shiny black hair. Blue eyes make her look even more gorgeous. She has a very good demeanour, respects each and every person, very friendly and is very good in studies too. She was lucky enough to have all things one wants from his or her life.

Like any normal day, she went to school and started studying. In English slot, which is one of her favourite subject, the teacher announces an international poem writing competition which is going to be held soon. She says, “Anyone interested should register his or her name. I expect that those who are good at writing skills should surely take part in it. If selected you would go to further levels and may even win big prizes.” Priya is a very good writer. Writing stories and poem is her favourite hobby which she loves doing it. Hearing this, she enthusiastically and excitedly registers her name.

While returning back to home, she reminisces the past year moments when she was selected for second round in International poem writing competition. Everyone praised her, her parents and teachers were very proud of her. She was at cloud nine. She went to Delhi for workshop and learnt new and interesting things. Though she couldn’t go to further round which made her a little sad and unhappy, but still all were happy for her achievement. This time also she wants to reach everyone’s expectation and rather wants to go beyond it for them as well as for her own satisfaction too. But this time she isn’t very confident about it and rather felt that she could fail in it. She becomes poignant and depressed thinking and worrying about this and for lack of confidence. She doesn’t want to let go such a big opportunity. The fear of failure starts eating her up.

In the evening, the parent recognises that something terrible or bad has happened or something is going on in her mind that she is so quiet. Her father asks her smiling “What happened? Why are you looking so sad? Are you worried about something? You know you can always discuss about it with us. We would surely help you out in the best way possible.” She thought that she is grateful and blissful for getting such loving and caring parents’ .She don’t want to make them tense on such a small thing. So she replies back while giving a small smile, “I am fine. Just a little bit tired because of the hectic schedule nowadays. You don’t need to worry.” She thinks that it is actually true in some ways. Her parents’ doesn’t ask her further but identifies that she is hiding something from them. The daughter, who keeps smiling always and talking nonstop, was today quiet then surely she was unhappy about something. To make her feel better and to help her, they decide to organise a picnic on the weekend.

Priya had told her big sister, Saumya, about her worry. Saumya only said that she would surely be able to do it and encourages her to go for it.

According to the schedule, the whole family i.e. Priya, Saumya and her parents go to picnic which is nearby a jungle. One can see greenery, plants and trees to farther ends. Priya hasn’t been able to overcome her fear of losing and regain her confidence. Priya feels a little bit rejuvenated and joyful when she goes outside. Nature makes her happy and delighted. Priya asks her parents “Can I go nearby alone. I want to roam around. It is such a nice place. Beautiful scenery is present all around us.” She takes a deep breath and exhales and says “I feel so fresh as well as rejuvenated here. Thank you for bringing me here.” Mom replies “Yes, sure you can go. But make sure you stay nearby.” After taking permission from her parents, she goes alone.


There she enjoys a lot and forgets herself in the nature. Then suddenly she sees a spider on a tree. She observes that the spider tries to go upwards to make a spider web but fails to do so. Instead of giving up, he tries it again and again till he succeeds in his mission. Walking some steps forward, she sees a worm on land crawling. It was moving very slowly, taking small steps while crawling but eventually is able to reach his destination that is his house. It then strikes her that when such small creatures are doing their best and working hard without thinking about results, they why shouldn’t she try again. When they can do it, why can’t she. She had in a book that we should try and try till we succeed so she thinks she should also do the same. She in due course observes many other creatures in environment too through which she learns new lessons. She comes back home along with her family with a new Priya in herself.




She writes a beautiful poem on nature. About the beauty that exits in nature, lessons which the nature tell us and praises nature. She then submits it to her teacher. The poem goes further for the competition. She is little nervous about the result but content that at least she tried and did her best. The day finally arrives when the result has to come for the competition. She is at cloud nine when she gets to know that it is been selected among the best 10 poems at national level. She doesn’t have words to express her joy. When she tells it to her parents they appreciate her and give her blessings. She goes to Mumbai for workshop where students come from different states. She enjoys a lot there and comes to know about various new techniques to write a poem. Her poem even goes for international level and wins a prize.

She is delighted for the positive turns that have taken place in her life. She thinks she is grateful to get such wonderful parents who understand her fully and took her out in nature and to have such a fantastic teacher who had done hard work to improve vocabulary and writing skills of students.

So at last, her wish comes true through trying and not fearing about the result. She learns a lot of lessons like we should not worry as it is a total waste of time. It doesn’t change anything. All it does is steals your joy and keeps you busy doing nothing. It’s rather better to use that energy in accomplishing the goal. If one wants to become successful, one should never lie to oneself. She has now developed self-confidence on herself and promised herself that she would try and try till she succeeds. She becomes a great writer in future and always kept the lessons learnt in her life in her mind and tried to inculcate in other people’s mind too.



24 thoughts on “Is Priya able to succeed or will she fail in her goal..? A short story

  1. Nice story.Even the theme is short u present in a lucid is the shortest distance b/w 2 persons ‘.Smile’ u should write more stories&I all the best my dr frd😀

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  2. Hi smile, i hope you get more such nice inspirational stories to present us. I liked it a lot…..something got to understand that i should try and try though not my best i should try writing so i could also write nicely like u in my blog…

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  3. Hey Smile,
    Nicely described story. You should definitely write more stories.
    Some feedback:
    Missing a great title – title is good but very common one.
    Linear Storyline – no there is nothing wrong with linear storyline but it needed to be balanced between detailing as well as pace which keeps the reader engage. The story can be shorten without cutting any emotion part.
    At end I would just say:
    Keep Reading Keep Humming Keep Writing! 🙂

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